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What makes FOXHOLE HOMES Different? Top 10 List

1. It is a “Housing First” model, yet it is not a handout. Veterans get a home of their own through a community of veterans that support one another.

2. It is financially sustainable, because “Earthships” have near zero utility cost;, even someone with no income can afford the month to month operational costs of the home. In fact, if you use the grey water system to grow food, the net “cost” is actually positive.

3. It is ecologically sustainable. The majority of the materials in the home are repurposed items that would have been treated as trash. This includes old tires, cardboard, bottles and cans.

4. It is financially sustainable, because it will have “TLF” units that can “recycle” TDY expenses into the overhead capital for services inside the community to include medical providers.

5. On-site medical providers focus on wellness, rather than palliative care.

6. The veterans continue to serve. This is a research community working on technology to help solve some of the world’s most pressing problems to include food, water, and shelter for those who are most in need.

7. The model is replicable. The community concept can be replicated near any military installation that routinely houses TDY duty members outside the gate.

8. It provides work that works for vets. Through micro-scale agriculture and other cottage industries, veterans can have meaningful work that takes into account “bad days”.

9. Once fully established the community becomes self-sufficient, generating all of the funds needed for its ongoing operation.

10. Living in an “Earthship” forces you to be mindful of your environment and interact with it. If you do, the home actually takes care of you rather than the other way around. This allows even the mundane aspects of life to be filled with meaning, and allows fundamental self-sufficiency.

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