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  • #3 Rebar

  • #4 Rebar

  • Tie wire

  • Rust resistant primer

  • Construction Sand

  • Gravel (minus or 1” Crush)

  • 12 94lb. Bags Portland

  • Fibers for reinforcing concrete

  • 20- 8” J bolts with nuts and washers

  • 1 4’x8’ 2” rigid foam insulation

  • Scrap plywood and 2x6s for Forms and bracing

  • Plastic support chairs for rebar going in bond beam

  • 2x6x16’  

  • 2X6x 12’ Preasure Treated

  • 4’x8’ 2” rigid foam insulation

  • 2x6x16’

  • 2x12x16’

  • 2x4x12 Cedar

  • 2x4x16’

  • Case liquid nails

  • Hurricane bracing straps

  • Box 3” nails for framing nailer (15 degree Hitachi)


  • 5lb box 1.5” nails for hurricane straps

  • 25lb Box 3” Deck Screws

  • Patio door replacement Glass (Double paned not low E, (one old sliding glass door unit would work))

  • Exterior door (preferably with large window)

  • 2/4 CDX Decking for roof

  • Box 2.5” Ring Shank nails for decking (15 Degree Hitiachi nailer)

  • rolls 30# Felt paper

  • Box 3/8” Staples

  • 2’ x 100’ valley flashing to match roof (this builds gutters, facia and Convection vents)

  • 16’ dark colored high quality metal roofing (coating suitable for catching drinking water)

  • Roofing screws with washers

  • Rivets (for constructing Gutters)

  • 200’ Butyl sealing tape for roof Seams

We are accepting all in-kind supply gifts. If you have any of the following, we would appreciate your donation. All donations are tax-deductible. 


Our goal is $500,000 to build 6 homes for 6 Veterans, but that's only the beginning. If you would like to become a large corporate sponsor, we'd love to talk with you more about partnerships and how we can accomplish such a huge goal, together.  


We are in need of volunteers daily as we begin to build our model homes.  If you have a specific skill or would like to learn how to build a sustainable Earthship home, please contact us for details on times/locations of our builds. 

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