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Our Story

FOXHOLE HOMES' mission is to provide sustainable housing and community for veterans in need.  Our goal is to build a sustainable research community that will provide housing with little or no utility bills, and provide jobs for veterans using regenerative agricultural practices that will make the land throughout the community more fertile as time goes on.  The members of the community will be integral to its development and the goal, once it is completed, is to be self-sustaining. 

Inspired by Earthship Biotecture the structures in the community will be designed to meet their own utility needs. We hope to take advantage of the Sustainable Development Test Site Act to explore what is possible and practical in building design and construction.  The agriculture will focus on intensive methods, including aquaponics and cutting edge greenhouse designs. Broad acre techniques will utilize perennial food systems to build the fertility of the land over time, and restore

groundwater resources.  We are pursuing research agreements with several universities and seeking to partner with the National Science Foundation’s Brackish Groundwater Desalinization Research Facility. FOXHOLE HOMES has been recognized as a not for profit corporation under section 501c3 of the IRS code. Send inquiries to the address above or contact CEO Ted Brinegar via email.

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