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Ted Brinegar, Founder & CEO

Let’s just say Ted never lost his childlike wonder and optimism for life. As a teen he fell in love with earthen building while on mission trips to Mexico were he worked with adobe. He has been working with Military Recreation and Resilience Since 1996. That same year he was introduced to Earthships. It has been a curious path since, including Seminary and time spent remodeling everything from kitchens to Neonatal Intensive Care Units. He enjoys the complexity of problem solving, and is looking forward to building houses for those in need for years to come. He is honored to have his wife Elizabeth and four children Nicholas, Juliana, Karina, and Esther with him on this great adventure.

Darren Williams, President

Darren grew up on the West Coast of Florida attending seven different schools as his dad chased the construction industry. He entered the Air Force in 1984, and spent just over 28 years serving our country, which landed him on 5 continents, 21 countries, and no less than 4 tours in Southwest Asia supporting Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom.  Throughout his career, he was immersed in a culture of giving-back to the community. When he retired from the Air Force in 2012, he immediately looked for a cause he could support. During his search, he was blessed with a job equivalent to a specialist social worker providing non-medical care for Air Force Wounded Warriors and their families.  Having worked in connecting resources and providing aid to military members in need, he noticed how little there was in the way of hand-ups, but only hand-outs. A fateful conversation with Ted Brinegar during the winter of 2014 led to Foxhole Homes. 

Darren Williams, President
Gloria Sanborn, Treasurer

Gloria is a numbers junkie with a heart for animals, good deals at yard sales and digging into details.  By day, she's an auditor for the USAF and has over 30 years in civil service. By night, she's a wife to an Air Force veteran and a mama to 4 grown children and a dozen grand-kiddos.  Gloria is the first to donate dollars, time and wisdom to the vision and mission of Foxhole Homes and we are honored to have her on our team. 

Dwight Harp, Chief Peddler

Dwight Harp could sell snow to an Eskimo, and if there were more snow in Alamogordo, New Mexico, he probably would. Instead, Dwight offers his gifts and talents to a local mountain newspaper, as well as serving in a variety of ministerial roles around the Tularosa Basin.  Dwight, a Vietnam era vet, began his career as a broadcast journalist and quickly found a knack for sales.  Originally from Farmington, New Mexico, Dwight has spent his life in New Mexico with a few wandering years on the West Slope of Colorado.  Dwight offers his gift of sales, fundraising & sponsorship to our team. 

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